Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wednesday November 28th

Things I have been thinking about/enjoying/listening to in the past week..

Reading Ted Hughes's book The Iron Man to Martha at bedtime, what a pleasure to rediscover this story again; finally getting some dates in the book for the Metamorphic/Royst tour in June 2013, especially in my hometown, Sheffield, at the wonderful Lantern Theatre on June 17th; working on -  and endlessly listening back to in an attempt to try and get it right- my new composition, Dark Thundering Moon, in collaboration with Martha, who's writing a story with the same title; mulling over the presence of women in jazz and the music world today, especially instrumentalists, and wondering about approaching some women musicians to interview about this; watching Martha ride a bike all on her own for the first time; rediscovering Ahmad Jamal's album The Essence which I used to listen to a lot in Paris, an album which epitomises my time living in this beautiful city, a city I still miss; and enjoying the sun when it appears, shyly, after the deluge. 

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